SOSM 007: Why Take Risk

By Cephas Tope

In this present age of so many negativity, taking risk has become difficult for most people due to their experience or the fear to lose everything they’ve got.

But is taking risk truly worth it or should we just go with the safe options?

I choose the former. I want you to reflect on this for a moment; when you hear names like Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gate, Donald Trump, and many other successful people, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Most of the time, it’s not about their success; it’s about the story that led to that success. 

For example, Abraham Lincoln lost so many elections before he was elected as the united state president, Donald Trump once declare bankruptcy, yet he never gave up… Bill Gate? Well, Bill drops out of the college to found Microsoft… he’s often referred to as Havard most successful dropout.

If you want to become successful, taking risk is the way to go. But is taking risk truly worth it? Tune in to this week conversation to find out.


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