We created Soldiers of self mastery to discover your hidden potential so you can explore and achieve. We believe the first principle in life is knowing thyself, after which taking great action that can help you accomplish your mission in life comes next.

Being a Soldier has to do with learning how to fight the good fight of freedom and taking actions, especially if you find yourself procrastinating a lot.

While Self Mastery is to help you understand yourself better when you know thyself, life just gets better, huh?

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About Santos Rol0n Jr




Santos Rolon Jr Is A Life Coach And Author Of The Little Red Book; He's Been A Victory Life Coach Since 2016 And His Work Has Positively Impacted Thousands Of People.

Coming From a Childhood Of Domestic Abuse, Mental Trauma, Fears & Insecurities along with Disastrous Addictions. I have trained myself with the help of a few coaches & teachers to achieve Daily Victory & Perseverance in 4 Key areas (Health, wealth, relations and impact) I continue to expand my highest potentials! which Include Writing, Listening, Speaking, a health conscious mindset and cryptocurrency investing and mining. My Vision includes a Goal Of Transforming a Million Plus Lives before I leave this planet.

About Cephas Tope

Bloggin Monkey

Cephas Tope Is a Life Coach and The Author Of The Road Map To Your Extraordinary Life: He's been featured in Big magazines like Huffpost, Addicted2success and so much more.

My mission is to help you elevate your life and business so that you can achieve what mattered most to you in life.

Welcome to soldiers of self mastery.